Community LIFE receives Fine Award recognition

Established in 2008 and sponsored by The Fine Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), the Fine Awards were created to draw attention to the critical role that teamwork plays in health care.  The awards recognize local organizations that have achieved breakthroughs in safe, effective patient care.


In 2013 Community LIFE received the bronze award for our work in providing quality, patient-centered end-of-life care for our participants.  The quality improvement initiative was designed to improve end of life care, increase participant satisfaction, and to develop an organizational awareness that good care and judicious use of resources are not mutually exclusive.


In 2018, JHF for the 10th anniversary of the Fine award, contacted past recipients to determine if the organization has been able to maintain and spread their success.

Through interviews conducted by multidisciplinary teams of graduate students they explored the organizational and individual factors that:

  • Encouraged experiments in quality improvement
  • Contributed to sustaining and/or spreading quality improvement projects
  • Influenced an organization-wide commitment to quality that inspires staff to identify problems and solutions as part of their daily work


As a result, Community LIFE was identified as one of several organizations especially “wired for excellence”. Community LIFE will receive recognition for “team work excellence” and accept an award at an awards presentation at the Jewish Health Care Foundation on Aug 27.