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Hear what real Community LIFE participants have to say about our program and how we’ve helped them stay independent.

It’s my home away from home.

I’ve made lots of friends. I really enjoy it.

Community LIFE helped me find myself.

I’m now able to laugh and joke around.

They give me everything I need.

Evelynne B. at Tarentum

Community LIFE was my savior

When I joined Community LIFE, I had nothing. I had no apartment. I had no clothes. I had no furniture. They give me now everything I need. There isn’t one thing I need that I don’t get from them. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Rowena C. at Bedford

They treat you like you’re supposed to be treated.

I like coming to Community LIFE. It gets me away from my apartment for a while. I’ve made lots of friends. We sit and talk and have a cup of coffee. Community LIFE helps me go to get groceries and go to the doctor. It really makes me happy. They treat me like a queen.

Margaret M. at Somerset

I needed to come here to find myself.

The first day, of course you’re nervous. You walk in a room and there are all these new faces. It didn’t take me but five minutes to get used to them. I met a lot of nice people and made a lot of nice friends here. It kind of loosened me up, because I started asking my kids to come over more.

James Y. at Mon Valley

My life has completely turned around.

The doctors and nurses at Community LIFE are like a family to me. Once I got here, my whole life was changed. I’ve made a lot of friends. We are in activities together, and we participate in different things going on throughout the day. I have gained more independence since I have been here.

Dorothy R. at McKeesport

A home away from home.

My husband and I are both retired and really didn’t have anything to do. It changed our lives, and we are both happier. It is a place to go and have fun and still get your health care taken care of. I would recommend Community LIFE to anyone.

Ken R. at Homestead

I would recommend it to anybody.

I was going to a different community service, but I didn’t like it. We would have lunch but the rest of the day we would just sit around doing nothing. One day, I saw a pamphlet about Community LIFE, and I went from doing nothing to having friends and being able to laugh and joke around. My family, they are really glad that I finally got something to do, and I am not just sitting at home.

Carolyn J. at East End

When you come in, everybody has a smile.

The staff is great. The front desk, she’s great. When you walk in, she has a smile. Gives us our name tags and also touches our hand, you know. And I mean the touch, it also adds that comfort feeling. And it makes you glad to be there. It really does.

Chauncey W. at Logans Ferry

I thought, this is a good place to be.

My wife had dementia and I didn’t want to put her in a home. I said I heard about this Community LIFE and I’m going to see if I can get her in there and that was a blessing if I ever had one. Community LIFE was wonderful with her to help me take care of her. And I realized how much fun they have down there. They’ll take care of your health, and you can enjoy yourself.